Welcome to Fleet Refinshing Blog Post


Welcome to Fleet Refinshing.

Why having a Blog site is important to us?

It’s a great question and here’s why:

It is a lot easier to keep content fresh and updated. A blog posting is much simpler to update than physically updating a static web-page.  Though web-pages are informative and to the point, a blog may go deeper into a subject of interest for ourselves and our customers.

As new and exciting projects are performed at Fleet Refinishing, we will post the pictures to the site with a little bit to talk about it.  Especially unique projects.  Fleet Refinishing does more than just your typical vehicle.  We specialize in unique construction equipment.   Such as Large Cranes, Excavators, Large Commercial Haulers and so much more.

Also, the more we talk about what we do, the more it helps market the business to a greater audience and it also helps search engines.

We thank you for taking a moment to read this blog and taking the time to get to know us a little better.

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Thank you

Fleet Refinishing.